Infinit, No. 1 added to Society6

New design added to my Society6 shop. This one is called, Infinity, No. 1. See the whole collection here.

Swirl Lake, No. 3 added to my Society6 shop

I do like these silver and white designs, they work very nicely on printed onto merchandise. There are many more products available using this design. Just go to my Society6 shop to see them.

Yin & Yang, No. 2 Added to my Redbubble shop

Just added a new design to my Redbubble shop. This one is Yin & Yang, No. 2. Click here to see the whole collection.

Yin & Yang, No. 6 added to Society6

Here’s another addition to my Society6 shop. 

Swirl Lake, No. 2 added to Society6

My original oil painting, Swirl Lake, No. 2 has been added to my Society6 shop. Below is just a small selection of the many products that available with this design on them. I’ve been busy lately uploading other designs as well, so why not have a look around to see what you think society6/marklewisfineart You can... Continue Reading →

Paintings’ Backing Boards

I might have finally found a solution to protecting the back of my paintings. I haven’t been painting for that many years, but it has always bothered me how vulnerable the paintings are from behind. I am also surprised at how little there is written about this subject. From a conservational POV, I think the... Continue Reading →

Step & Repeat, No. 4

80 x 40 x 2cmOil on linen canvas wrap-around Description What an unimaginative title for this series? Well, at least it says what it is! If you’ve ever use a software program, such as Quark XPress, InDesign, Photoshop, etc. they have a feature whereby you can select an object, duplicate it, and then place it... Continue Reading →


DESIGN I’m not entirely happy with the lines that cross over each other on the right hand side. It looked okay as a sketch, so it wasn’t until I started adding the colour that I noticed it.  I tried several things to tone down the lines that run underneath, but nothing really worked. I think... Continue Reading →